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"Why hello there gorgeous." Tanteo MAC
Tanteo MAC
TimboacktooSWB + Welsh pony
Golden Boy Vint
© Caroline Cronsell
Swede Horse, Flyinge.
Swede Horse, Flyinge.
Long time, no posts. Haven’t been up to much, just the usual. Taking pictures and stuff. 
This is Brave Awesome Asset, or Fred. Paint Horse

I’ve been kinda busy lately with a big charity event in Gothenburg known as Musikhjälpen.
This year’s theme was maternal deaths, and we collected money to help women all around the world survive their pregnancies.

As you might know, I’m a supporter in 501st Legion, Nordic Garrison and we trooped for five long days.
Together I and my seven friends collected more than 85 000sek!
That’s about $13 000 or £9000

I think that’s a record.

Oh, and that’s me in the black sweater.

May the force be with you!